The Comeback Post

The last time I tried growing my hair out was over ten years ago! My mom and me at the beach.
When a Korean (pop) artist returns after being inactive for a prolonged period, Koreans call it a "comeback" album/concert. Often they remake their artistic style at the same time. I was sure "comeback" was a bit of Konglish because I never really heard it used outside of Korea, where I hear it all the time. However, a Google search indicates that the term "comeback" is indeed used outside of Korea/Asia.

Anyhow, this is my blog's comeback post. I have made some major changes:
  • New name and web address. It's part of an effort to manage my on-line brand/identity.
  • Fresh, new theme. Google introduced an impressive template designer, but I still had to wrestle with it to get the theme to appear like I wanted it to.
  • Facebook integration. You can "like" any post by clicking the little "like" icon.
  • New photos for posts that were missing images; larger images replaced all older images. You can click on an image for an even bigger view up to 1600x1200 pixels in size.
  • The posts now have a "jump break;" make sure you click the "read more" link to view the entire post with all images.
And just working on this blog comeback generated new fodder for future blog posts:
  • The meaning behind my new online identity, "Leftium."
  • The history and meaning of my previous online identity, "Wonsungi."
  • User experience when signing up for web services. In order to protect my new online identity, I signed up for nearly 80 popular social websites. The sign up process is vital to get right if you are planning to start an online web service like I am.
  • How to use Blogger's template designer.
  • How to tweak Blogger's templates even further by directly modifying the underlying CSS template files. 


  1. 사진 잘 나왔다 ^^

  2. Yeah, our sister took that pic. It's the first time I recall being able to get our mom and sister out of the house to do something fun. The plan was to eat at TGIF and visit the Busan Aquarium.


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