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UltraWeather (Original HyperWeather Post)

Screenshots of HyperWeather (previous version of UltraWeather). What is UltraWeather? UltraWeather (formerly HyperWeather) gives user-friendly, actionable weather forecasts. At a glance, you can quickly decide: "Is it warm enough for short sleeves?" "Do I need sunscreen? An umbrella?" UltraWeather also helps you get an intuitive sense of the temperature. Numerical temperatures are difficult to judge especially if you travel to a country with a different climate and/or different unit of temperature (Fahrenheit/Celsius). Why another weather app? Most weather apps jam as much information as possible onto the screen. UltraWeather takes a different approach and gives you the executive summary: Current conditions and temperature Forecast for the next few days (highs & lows + conditions) Historical weather for the past few days (highs & low + conditions) If you need more details than this, a link at the top leads to the full DarkSky forecas