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Applying to the Recurse Center: Things I Wish I Knew Beforehand

  The Recurse Center application process is well-documented and implemented well. However there were some undocumented details I wish I had been aware of before applying. These are notes for myself before I re-apply. It may help other hopeful Recursers, too~ Written Application The text area form inputs are automatically linkified. Markdown formatting is not supported and probably better to avoid. You may view/edit your application after submitting. Keep a log of "fascinating things" if you have trouble remembering, like me. (Or pick an "evergreen" thing.) The Conversational Interview Some questions I was not prepared for: Describe a time you had trouble programming. How did you overcome it? What is your greatest programming strength? What is your greatest programming weakness? Describe the ideal fellow Recurse batch member; someone you'd want to pair program with. The Pairing Interview For some reason Zoom screen sharing introduced a lag where there was a sign