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My Life: Chapter I

My mom and me in front of our old house. I was born May 25th, 1980 in Seoul, South Korea. My family was made up of a mom, a dad, and this person who might have been either a grandma or aunt. We also had a dog. They named me Jung Su Kim. I lived in a two room house. One room was the kitchen, the other the main room. The main room was a empty, except a TV, wardrobes, and a fold-up table. The kitchen was made of concrete. Concrete floor, concrete walls, and concrete ceilings. There was nothing like a electric mixer or microwave, the tools we used were all simple. We had a big concrete block for a stove. It had about five holes big enough for big coal cylinders to fit in. There was another room across the main house. On one side of the house there was a high brick wall, on the other there was cliff. We used the entrance to our yard as a garage for our motorcycle. Source: My Life. An Autobiography by John Murphy. My Korean mom doesn't know any English, so I translated my

Past Month in Review

Dog soup. One of the seventeen different types of animals I ate. I've been in Korea since May 7th. So far, I've only returned brief acknowledgements to the many birthday wishes and inquiries into how I'm doing. One reason was because I was planning on updating everyone at the same time via this blog. So why did it take a whole month to get this blog going?

My Life: Prologue

Photo taken when I was about four years old. Left to right: grandfather, aunt, ???, me, and my cousin. I was born in Seoul, South Korea. I lived in a in-between wealthy and poor (closer to poor) family. I went through a lot of hardships in my life: my father dying, my brother and I being separated from our mom, and going to a different house. Being separated from my brother in the orphanage and finally ending up here in St. Paul, Minnesota. Source: My Life. An Autobiography by John Murphy Unsatisfied, I took a break. I wanted this introduction to quickly give readers an overall picture of me. Entire libraries of books valiantly failed the task of describing a single human! How could I summarize myself in a single blog post?