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Automatic Inbox Cleanup with Two Simple Filters/Rules

Automatic Inbox Cleanup with Two Simple Filters/Rules Only 47 important emails reached my inbox out of 1,236 total emails received in October 2023. Last month I received 1,236 emails, but only 47 emails reached my inbox. These were the truly important emails I wanted to see, mostly sent from real people. These are the only emails that triggered a notification on my phone as soon as they hit my inbox. The other 96% of the emails were silently and automatically filed into other categories/labels without a single notification. About once a day, I take a few seconds to check them in bulk. I just scan the subjects and senders to mark a few bulk/automated emails that interest me. Then two keystrokes marks all of them as read. Ten, twenty, a hundred at a time! How can you have your email sorted like this? You just have to add a few custom email filters/rules. Instructions and downloadable Gmail filter files are at the end of this article! TL;DR (Quick Instructions) Instruction