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UltraWeather (Development of 2021 version)

Quick note: my tech stack of choice has evolved since I wrote this draft in 2021. UltraWeather 2023 will be developed with the following technology: Development/hosting platform: Vercel JS framework: SvelteKit Language: TypeScript Templates: Vanilla HTML Chart library: ChartJS JS package manager: PNPM UltraWeather was originally named HyperWeather after HyperDev, the platform it was developed on. (Now known as  Glitch ). I had a certain way I wanted to see the weather forecast that no weather service provided. Glitch helped me implement my vision by providing: A simple (and free) method of hosting server-side code Motivation with a contest Server-side code was needed to proxy API calls;  DarkSky did not allow direct calls from the browser . So, I figured out how to used the Express server on HyperDev. Along the way, I also discovered some other nifty tech based on the Glitch samples I started with. I renamed HyperWeather to UltraWeather as I ported it to a new platform. “Ultra”