Past Month in Review

Dog soup. One of the seventeen different types of animals I ate.
I've been in Korea since May 7th. So far, I've only returned brief acknowledgements to the many birthday wishes and inquiries into how I'm doing. One reason was because I was planning on updating everyone at the same time via this blog. So why did it take a whole month to get this blog going?

The past month has been extremely busy. There were many things I needed to do to prepare for the next year in Korea and even more people I wanted to catch up with. My calendar attests to just how packed the past month was. Every square has some type of scribble in it documenting the different activities of that day. Some days, I was dissappointed that I didn't do more, but in reality, I think I over-extended myself. The details of the past month could be a small book in itself. So I just leave you with a few statistics from the past month:

  • 30: Days I have been in Korea
  • 79: Friends and family I planned to meet
  • 41: Number I managed to meet
  • 22: Of those I have not met yet, people I will meet in the next few weeks
  • 10: New friends I met along the way
  • 11: Different places I have spent the night
  • 17: Different types of animals I have eaten

Korean class starts this Thursday, meeting four hours a day Monday through Friday. It will be a nice relief. I promise more regular updates from now on. Thanks for waiting!


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