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WMO Codes

Periodic Table of WMO Weather Condition Codes Unlike some other " periodic tables ," this one uncovers several patterns in the WMO weather condition codes. How can you express the 28 (Open Meteo) WMO weather condition codes as distinct icons and colors? The Open Meteo documentation gives a short description of each code, but the best way to graphically visualize this information in a weather app is not obvious. Open Weather, another weather API, simply hands you everything on a single page . The previous version of my weather app used Open Weather. (My app’s icons were actually from DarkSky, one of the best weather API’s until they were acquired by Apple.) However I was not satisfied with just mapping the 9 icons onto Open Meteo’s 28 different conditions . Open Meteo provides more information, and I wanted to expose it all! Organizing the Codes There are actually 100 unique WMO codes , but Open Meteo only reports a subset of these. Open Meteo groups the codes