Thursday, July 28, 2011

My Personal Branding Part II: Leftium

"The Element of Creativity!"
Inspired by Adobe's CS3 icons, I designed my logo to resemble a cell from the periodic table of elements. The Leftium logo features an over-sized "Le" that pops out and forms a leftward arrow.

lef·ti·um n. Symbol Le
  1. The element of creativity!
  2. John-Kim Murphy's online identity/username.

Yes, in a moment of sheer brilliance I combined the word "left" with "-ium", a suffix commonly used to form the names of chemical elements (think "Titanium", "Einsteinium", or "Adamantium".) The result is a personal online ID that I am very proud of because "Leftium" is:
  • Short—only seven letters long. Yet the domain was still available (obviously!)
  • Relatively easy to convey over the phone. Most people know how to spell "left" and can guess the rest from the sound. Much easier to explain than "wonsungi", anyways!
  • Unique. Before I started using "Leftium", there were only about 300 Google search results for "Leftium". Now there are about 62,600 results, and they are all related to me.
  • Memorable and has a significant personal connection to me (explained below after the "jump")