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Dragon Flies and Praying Mantises

Can you spot the dragonfly? Recently I went for a hike up Mount Bukhan , just north of Seoul. While pausing for a rest, I noticed this dragon fly hiding in plain sight. This stirred some memories of a few notable insects from my childhood:

The Comeback Post

The last time I tried growing my hair out was over ten years ago! My mom and me at the beach. When a Korean (pop) artist returns after being inactive for a prolonged period, Koreans call it a "comeback" album/concert. Often they remake their artistic style at the same time. I was sure "comeback" was a bit of Konglish because I never really heard it used outside of Korea, where I hear it all the time. However, a Google search indicates that the term "comeback" is indeed used outside of Korea/Asia. Anyhow, this is my blog's comeback post. I have made some major changes:

Blogging Again!

Taken with my Fuji F100fd digital camera. Well, this blog has lain fallow for over three years... time for an update! So what's changed since then? The super-short summary: Completed level 3 of Sogang University’s Korean language program Was involuntarily relieved of over $15,000 Interviewed and hired at Microsoft Korea Resigned from Microsoft Korea Started working part-time at a college prep academy Found two awesome business partners